Currently: Lead Front-end Developer at Creative Layer

I joined CL in early 2021 as a remote engineer, working from Toronto with an amazing team of developers located all over Ontario. We build tools to empower creators by giving them access to new revenue streams.

Our first platform, Workflow, focused on the print-on-demand market by making it easy for merchants and artists to communicate, review, and ship their work.

We are now tapping into the Web3 space with Remx , a digital creative community focused on art, culture, & identity.

Prev: Front-end Software Developer at Cineplex

  • Worked with a team of developers and designers implementing a Front End modernization project from .NET MVC to Jamstack (Next.js and React)
  • Delivered AODA / WCAG compliant solutions inside Cineplex, CineplexStore, and TheRecRoom
  • Built web components using vanilla JavaScript, React, and Vue
  • Transformed inline layouts into modularized templates, decoupling data and views using a headless CMS

If we're going vintage you can download my résume here