Currently: Senior Front-end Developer for RBC

Currently working for RBC's Global Cyber Security team building enterprise web apps using Vue3, Vite, Tailwind, and a lot more cool tech but that's a longer conversation.

Prev: Lead Front-end Developer for Creative Layer

  • Joined CL in early 2021 as a remote engineer, working from Toronto with a diverse team of developers located all over Ontario. We built tools to empower creators by giving them access to new revenue streams
  • Reported to the Director of Technology
  • Bootstrapped web apps using Vue3, Vite, Tailwind, and a GraphQL layer backed by an AWS serverless stack
  • Set up a 3d model parsing and rendering workflow with Blender, ThreeJS, and AWS Lambda to generate and export assets in the cloud
  • Deep dived into the world of writing custom Shaders with GLSL which was both a huge headache and a fantastic journey at the same time
  • Our first platform, Workflow, focused on the print-on-demand market by making it easy for merchants and artists to communicate, review, and ship their work.
  • We then tapped into the Web3 space with Remx , a digital creative community focused on art, culture, & identity.

Prev: Front-end Software Developer for Cineplex Entertainment

  • Worked with a team of developers and designers implementing a Front End modernization project from .NET MVC to Jamstack (Next.js and React)
  • Delivered AODA / WCAG compliant solutions inside Cineplex, CineplexStore, and TheRecRoom
  • Built web components using vanilla JavaScript, React, and Vue
  • Transformed inline layouts into modularized templates, decoupling data and views using a headless CMS

If we're going vintage you can download my résume here