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I build Web applications for a living and I thrive in environments that encourage collaboration and ego-free dynamics. I believe in accessibility and inclusivity as core values for us to work towards a better Web.

Currently Senior Front-end developer at RBC

Sometimes I like to write about my progress and experiences


  • All work, no BS
  • We're kind
  • We value each other's time
  • We're proud of what we do
  • Ruined by Design


  • Typescript
  • Javascript (vanilla)
  • Vue
  • React
  • Tailwind
  • Jest


I started building websites for friends and family with Flash when I was 17 yo as a self-taught ActionScript2 developer. I kept flirting with Web technologies as a hobby over the years while exploring other career perspectives until I decided it was time to pursue doing what I love full time.

Apps & gear

Little known facts

  • Brazilian Canadian, born in a tiny little town in the Atlantic forest, grandson of farmers, and proud of every single tiny victory I've accomplished.
  • I was an Architect before working with Web Development full time. I carry a lot of analytical thinking and design strategy/planning from the great experiences I had back then. Just took me many years of education and work experience to realize I really liked computers after all.

This website is powered by Vue3 , Vite , Vite-SSG , Typescript , and Tailwind , built with a fork I made of the amazing Vitesse Template by @Anthony Fu .