HTML5 MP4 videos not working on iOS? Here's a fix

I’ve been trought a pickle these days trying to make a simple HTML5 video with a MP4 source load on iOS. It just wouldn’t load.

Long story short

  • Run your source file through Adobe Media Encoder
  • Choose Mobile 1080 HD preset
  • On Video Settings, click Match Source to keep the original dimensions
  • Still in Video Settings, uncheck the checkbox that locks Field Order and change it to Progressive
  • Play around with the target bitrate until your video is below 50mb
  • Render the queue

To sum up, the video should:

  • Be rendered with Field Order = progressive
  • Be below 50mb in total size

If you ever googled your issue and ended up in a StackOverflow thread reading about server headers and response codes you never heard of, maybe this would help. I hope the solution worked on your end!Maybe let me know ?