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Fetching a DOM element's next sibling with Vanilla JavaScript

18 Aug 2020


This week when building a component I stumbled upon an issue that got the thinking a little. We needed a button that would be future proof and take users to the next section of the...

Building a simple Back to Top button trigger with CSS and JavaScript

02 Jul 2020


I’ve been trying to decouple my projects from dependencies and libraries as much as I can lately. It not only gives me a good opportunity to exercise some skills I have been neglecting but having...

HTML5 MP4 videos not working on iOS? Here's a fix.

10 May 2020


I’ve been trought a pickle these days trying to make a simple HTML5 video with a MP4 source load on iOS. It just wouldn’t load.

Building an Ancestry chart with Vue and Chart.js

18 Dec 2019


After scoring a nice deal on 23andme and going through the useless (but utterly entertaining) journey of finding out more about my origins, I couldn’t wait to replicate the nice pie graphs 23andme shows on...

Building a Pokémon Explorer with Vue and PokéAPI

05 Oct 2019


2019 is swamped with JavaScript frameworks and we have arrived in a moment when choosing your favourite is a matter of project-based preference only. From the most mature ones, I would say I like React...

We're killing the internet with network requests

13 Sep 2019


I had the opportunity to attend an excellent talk by Kyle Simpson at this year’s Web Unleashed when he describes how it’s like to work in isolated communities in rural India or Africa. My own...

The best Chrome extensions for web and design

23 Aug 2019


Chrome is my daily driver for browinsg, testing, and developing for the web. With an active community of developers, the Chrome Web Store has so many options it’s hard to figure out what’s gimmicky and...

Using Chrome Dev Tools to track down unused CSS

10 Aug 2019


Maintaining and updating web projects developed by other people has its specificities. Sometimes you’re working on a page or application that has been maintained by several different people over the years and you realize stylesheets...

HTML email 101 for Web Developers

29 Jul 2019


I first started building emails out of a job necessity more than anything else. From one day to another, I was suddenly spinning in a loop of marketing campaigns and client requests. My only way...

Know your project: 4 reasons why I left Wordpress

14 Jun 2019


Wordpress is huge, and is probably one of the reasons I started working with web development in the first place. From my first online portfolio to my first clients in web design, the platform always...

I believe you should try functional CSS

02 May 2019


Functional CSS (or Atomic CSS, Utility-first CSS, and so forth) is a thing and it looks like it’s here to stay. My first trials with this technology were quite lazy attempts to make my styling...

I think the Spice Girls inspired me to become a developer

12 Apr 2019


Looking up to other people’s works is a process that encompasses a mixture of admiration, wonderment, passion, and some frustration nonetheless. Inspiration comes in many ways and it is spread through uncountable different media, from...