The Rec Room

web development


Tools: Adobe XD, HTML5, Sass, JavaScript
Libraries: Bulma, AOS, Rellax

Working with Front End at Cineplex has been an amazing experience. With fast turnarounds in a dynamic workplace, I have to challenge my (soft and hard) skills daily. This project for The Rec Room is one good example of the work we have been developing so far.

The challenge here was to build a Now Hiring page for The Rec Room’s new job fairs at Mississauga and St John’s according to the brand’s tone of voice — also enticing potential employees to apply for the soon to be opened positions. The time frame? A few hours.

The Rec Room Now Hiring website

Using The Rec Room’s branding guide as the main reference, I was able to build a one-page scroller with all the information requested by our stakeholders. Since I had a blank canvas to work with here, leveraging Bulma’s built-in columns layout was fundamental to achieve the desired result in such a short time frame.

The Rec Room Now Hiring website

With no formal design system in place for the brand, I created the interface elements on the fly based on the existing Branding guide — an interesting process that served as a base to discuss how the brand could behave online moving forward.

The Rec Room Now Hiring website