Thank you for stopping by! You can call me Vini and I love building experiences for the web. I believe everything we do together should be accessible and inclusive. download my resume.


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I fell in love with interactive design a long time ago. I started building simple websites for friends and family using Flash when I was 17 years old, using a very rudimentary implementation of ActionScript2 I had learned by myself. Since then, I expanded my interests and broadened my skillset, but the drive behind all that is still pretty much the same.

tools & tech

HTML5, Sass, JavaScript, Vue, React, Sketch, XD

Apps and gear I use

I use Visual Studio Code for all things web related and I love it. I've used Atom before but I think VSCode is just faster and easier to customize.

My preferred theme is Dracula with Fira Code.

I use MacOS's default Terminal and I'm not a hardcore command line user, but I love using aliases and I can't recommend them enough.

My browser is Firefox Nightly because I love their developer tools and the fact that it doesn't eat up so much battery (I'm looking at you, Chrome).

I use a Macbook Pro and my favourite MacOS productiviy tools are Copyclip and Magnet. Being a Windows user for most of my life, the window snapping feature is a must.

I love Android and my OnePlus 6T is as fast as I would like any phone to be. I fully surrendered to Apple and now I have an iPhone. I kind of love it and iOS feels mature enough that I don't miss most things about Android at this point. Still a work in progress.

Little known facts

Brazilian, born in a tiny little town amid the Atlantic Rainforest, grandson of farmers, and proud of every single tiny victory I've accomplished.

I was a certified Architect abroad (with a Masters!) before moving to the Creative Technology field. I carry a lot of analytical thinking and design strategy/planning from the great experiences I had back then.

I am a biker, a gamer, an avid reader, and an amateur watecolourist.

I hate Cilantro, I can't even explain how much I hate it.